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Lighthiker 02-20-2011 07:57 AM

Avelox or death from flu-associated pneumonia? It's a toss up.
Background: 55 yr old female, never sick exc for rare cold. No meds (perhaps 10 NSAIDS per year for hormonally related headache).
Got the flu before my flu shot kicked ok, my flu turned to pneumonia. Can't take PCNs. No other allergies or known sensitivities. 1st dose (took after dinner)...tingly all over, got worse and worse. I was so exhausted I did fall asleep but awoke every few minutes with strange fleeting dreams and restlessness that made it a fitful night #1. Finally evened out around 6pm the next night. Hands still trembling. Still feel weird.

One more chance...pill#2...OMG...tingly lips, dry mouth, sudden onset runny nose and sinus inflammation. That was only the beginning! Knowing my baseline EKG is normal, had I been at work I would have done another EKG on myself...lightheaded, dyspneic, extrapyrimidal symptoms (tardic dyskinesia), headache, foggy brained, blurred vision, insomnia...and palpitations/PVCs. Would like to see my Qt interval. I securely threw out the rest of the med. If my lungs don't clear I'll just go ahead and die...because I will not take this medicine again. I hate giving prescribed fluoroquinolones to people...and this is the first time I've taken it. Never again. I know that they are useful to some people in isolated instances...just stick for azithromycin if you have pneumonia...I swear the pneumonia is easier. You are not crazy, although the DNS ADRs include crazy thoughts and nightmares/weird dreams (if you can sleep at all).

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