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Question AN Ambian mix alternative

Originally Posted by cammers3dmurals View Post
Hi everyone!!!
I'm new here . I have been using restoril from time to time. The milligram is 30. I have been taking 2 but it just makes me a little drowsy. Would it hurt to take 3 instead of 2. Thank you,John
I was just on diazapan*andother benzo* and was told i could ta ke it with amian to lengnten my slepep, so now i'm tryin to dro ambin because it stps owkn inabout 5 hours, I'm no on resoti and als think i'm goni to hae tosuppment it i=wih ambian as it mnigb even be weke r than diazalan. I admit I'm on a med merr go round and am get scn ssee soluions, so I'm so open to mixin he Dr.s wil llow like lunesta o abian wih benzos! I'm just not findin other viabal options givn teh only alows 30 da presecriptripns, If anyone has triid Furigvil(sp?) or a better combinateion to have soide lee, lese let ne know!

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