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Default Tired of BS

My Husband has had 14 back surgeries, He also has morphine pump with prialt and dilotid.he is on his 6th pump in 17 years. He has tried just about every drug combo known to man. He is still in great pain. His Doctor ( yeah right ) keeps telling him, well lets try this or well we know that didn't work huh. after he almost dies. He has had 3 recalled pumps in him and the one inside of him now is recalled, But they decided to leave this one in. OMG, This thing can kill him in the blink of an eye. Just about all of them shut off here and there, The Doctor does not read the logs. Do any of you have the little palm pilot, Thats what i call it. Its a machine you have at home to give your sweetie a bolus if needed?? It is the only way we were able to show the Doctors that he was going through withdrawls because the pump keeps shutting off. would love to hear from others who are having problems. Maybe we can comfort each other in some way.
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