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Larry Prince
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I wanted to discuss the new medicine that I am taking with inspra. 18 years ago I was diognosed with bi-lateral arterial renal infarction. This was because I smoked and took rolaides regularly. The Dr. told me that I was overdoseing on both. Since then I have stopped smoking and I do not eat rolaides any more. I do take a water pill everyday and I take a potassium replacement. The amount I take is 8 mill. twice a day. <br>About 5weeks ago I had a heart attack which was mild and I had a stint put in and my doctor put me on Inspra. He said that my potasium level was low and this would be a good medicine to place me on. I read all the info that is given me on every med that I take. My Question is, will this take care of my problem takeing a water pill and is there any advise that I need to know regarding Inspra. I have side effects of all the meds that I take and I am conserned about what this med will have. Any information that you can give me will help. Thanks for your time and any help you can give me I will Appreciate it.
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