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Hi, i have myeloma the light chain variant & have been on Velcade for 5-6cyclrs 2x over the past year & 1/2. My Dr has always given it to me with a steriod drug called decadron or dexamethasone. My Dr says it helps deliver the velcade to system & kill the cancer. Both times this treatment has worked for me. This 2nd time around I was only taking injections of velcade which has dropped the neuropathy down to almost nothing. I use to feel the pain & tingling numbness for 2 days after Infusions of velcade but in 7/2011 a report was released that injections of velcade were approved & showed that the neuropathy side effects had been cut in half. If you are going to try velcade do in by injection. I do mine injection in my stomach one time a week. I take 8mg of dexamethsone orally (pills) right when I get my injection. Untold the standard treatment is a stem cell transplant. I harvested my cells a year ago but Im not fully convinced a stem cell transplant is right for me. It will either work or not. My concern is how it might make me sick & set me up for infection. My myeloma was caught early thru a routine dental xray which showed a tumor in my right lower jawbone, i was sent for a biopsy which showed plasmacytoma cells, then sent to the oncologist who ran tests & did a bone marrow biopsy. It showed 40% infiltration & i was immediatelt put on velcade dex cytoxan by infusion 2x a week. In 2 months it dropped to less than 5% infiltration& my dr now follows my myeloma by watching my kappa light chain count taken every month. It was 2,968 when 1st diagnosed at 38 yrs old on 6/16/2010. My kappa dropped to 42.2 for harvesting cells & went back up to 317 in July 2011 so my Dr put me back on infusion except velcade which is now injections but 1x weekly for 5 cycles now I'm on just the velcade & dex pills 1x weekly. My kappas are at 60 & my Dr is pushing me to do SCT but my heart started beating too fast a month ago & im told i need an ablation procedure whichmay be caused by the chemo drugs. Cytoxan is very strong too so it maybe all of the drugs. I'm a female in Alaska. There's no where here to get the transplant so I have to fly out of state & cannot return until 100 days after transplant due to high chance of infection flying back here. I wish the transplant doctors would come up here & make it possible for us to not have to leave our homes family churches & supports. Please let me know if stem cell transplant (if you know) are the right choice or if it worked. The newset studies 11/2011 show that many Dr do not feel it is necessary & the maintanence drugs are the best way to deal with myeloma. If you take velcade take it by injection & my Dr says it works best with dexamethsone. Good luck!!
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