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Default Frova has worked well for me

My neurologist prescribed Frova for my migraines when it was introduced. It has worked very well for me since. I do not take it as often as I used to but it is still very effective, much more so than any of the other triptophan-like drugs I have taken. There may be newer ones available now, but my migraines are not as frequent as they once were and I have moved to a place where I do not have access to the care and insurance I had before. I suggest to all that you need to do more basic research on MIGRAINE. (Menstrual migraines are not particularly different in scope from any other except that they occur during ovulation and menstruation.) See a neurologist that specializes in migraine. and do your own research. Vicodin is NOT migraine medicine and if it works for your "migraines" you may not have 'migraine". You should take any migraine medicine mat the beginning of your episode. Don't wait until it is full-blown. Medicine works better at the very beginning and is much more likely to knock it completely, then ,than later. I just found out that my health insurance, that costs $1846/month will charge me $233 co-pay for Frova so I will have to get by on samples. No more Frova for me.
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