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Default Issues with hearing abilities

Hello guys,
I'm working as a Software Engineer in Toronto. It's been years I've been working there. I've got a habit of listening to music and doing work. Actually, by listening to music, it is easy for me to get through the workload. I am addicted to music after finding music to be the solution to my workload.
But for the past few days, I have been feeling a mild pain in my ears, which has been growing by the day. First I thought it might be due to earphones/headsets. So I replaced my existing ones with a new one. But the pain still remains.
After hearing my situation, one of my colleagues suggested me to consult an audiologist near Brampton.
Has anyone had to face any situations like these before? What precautions do you people think we should take in order to avoid hearing loss due to the excessive use of cell phones?
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