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Default Evoxac

I was precribed Evoxac for sjorgren's, and a diagnosis of Lupus. Within first week I found that I was more relaxed, less regid and anxious. I have not read anywhere of this being a side effect but it sure does come in handy. Further, I do find that I urinate more, but because I'm instructed to take only two/day at this time, I start at 6:00am with the 2nd one being at 6 in the evening. This has helped to eliminate having to wake throughout the night for bathroom trips. Also, because of the calming effect, which in turn seems to spur more energy, to take this drug at night kinda leaves me to full of energy to sleep. Yet on the other hand once I do fall asleep I find it is a more restful sleep, go figure that. I have had sweating, not excessfully. This could be because I only take two/day. And I have noticed occassional eye twiching. <br>Question; I am wondering about side effects of weight gain however, and tightness in my neck. Is this something I should be alarmed at. I have also had thinning of hair. I am beginning to wonder if my estrogen medicine is contributing to this. Overall, dryness seems to be less of a problem. <br>
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