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Old 09-12-2007, 02:34 PM
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Default Adderall Vs Straterra

I need some input here...<br><br>I am currently getting off taking up 50-60 mg of prescribed Adderall a day for about 3 years. I have developed a tolerance to the drug and therefore must resort to taking another drug. I spoke to my doctor about the issue and she put me on the following:<br><br>1)Straterra 25 mg - first 3 days<br>2)Straterra 40 mg - next 3 days<br>3)Straterra 80 mg after taking the Straterra 40 mg<br>4)In the innerum, I am to take 10mg Adderall XR for about 2 weeks to get off the drug<br><br>Im on day 2, and I havent felt sh1t yet ! nothing ! ... I told my doctor that the adderall works to a degree (true) - its just enough to get me where I need to be with tasks. <br><br>Im an engineering consultant and have a training session that I have to teach all throughout next week and if Im not seeing improvement by Monday morning, Im SOL. Am I to tell my boss to wait a couple of days for improvement ? .. yeah right ... Im going to be evaluated during this training session as well.... These meds affect my performance in programming, emails, client conversations, training sessions, and studying. <br><br>I still have enough of my old Adderall to get me through the week and was wondering if Straterra is worth sticking with ... any thoughts ?
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