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Old 04-04-2009, 03:35 AM
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Default Zonegran--Hair Loss, Loss of Taste, Nightmares, etc...BUT IT WORKS.

Hello Everyone, Your posts sound so very familiar. Like most of you, I too cannot eat on Zonegran and have lost most of my hair. -- Although, it has my seizures under control beautifully, the side effects (although minimal in my case) are nonetheless troublesome. -- Nothing would work for me until I started on Zonegran. -- After titrating my dosage to 400mgs. daily (100mg. x 4) my seizures stopped immediately. -- It was a blessing! -- Now, even though I have been seizure-free for nearly three (3) years, I stuggle daily with the inability to eat and taste food, the fatigue, the nightmares, the "brain fog" and the unbelievable hair loss. -- I lost enough hair to fill a plastic Zip-Loc sandwich baggie eveytime I washed my hair. It's was frightenting! -- But, what's the alternative? -- Over the years, I too have found some relief in alternative therapies. -- I, too, highly recommend a chiropractor, as "Susan" did in the post before mine. -- Chiropractic manipulation seems to lessen the fatigue and brain "fogginess" for reasons unknown to me. But, it does help. -- Also, BIOTIN (1,000mg. Daily) seems to be keeping what little hair I have left in-tact. It's not re-growing what I've already lost but, I'm not losing my hair in devastating "clumps" anymore. -- Maybe if someone is just starting out on Zonegran, they can start a Biotin regimen at the same time and avoid losing their hair all together. -- As far as getting my sense of taste back or my appetite...I haven't conquered that yet. Sorry to say, I have just gotten use to it. -- It makes no difference what you all taste like NOTHING. -- Hope this post finds everyone looking for Zonegran information...and finds them well. -- Take Care!
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Old 04-04-2009, 03:41 AM
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Default As for TOPAMAX....

My doctors felt it was too dangerous for me to stay on and took me off of it. Although I had no side-effects while on it, they claimed the potential for serious harm was too great. I wonder why I wasn't told that before I was ever prescribed it in the first place?
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