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Old 05-12-2008, 06:44 PM
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I took Factive for 7 days for possible pneumonia following a severe bout of flu. I finished the last dose (7th) and woke up the next morning with a rash on my arms and torso that reminded me of measles. It wasn't particularly itchy, so I went to work. By the afternoon, I was covered and called my doctor. He told me that the Factive that caused the rash, although unusual for someone who is 53. He recommended Benadryl and said he could call in steroids if the rash got worse. By the next day (Saturday), the rash was even in my ears and mouth, some were raised, all were itchy and my face was red and swollen. I tried to contact my doctor, but it turned out that the number left on his answering machine was useless. It connected me to an exchange where the receptionist told me the doctor taking my doctor's calls does not take patient calls when she's on-call. I guess everyone is supposed to go to the emergency room. Not wanting to spend $200 at the emergency room, I called a physician's assistant I know. She said to continue taking the Benadryl and that Pepcid at the recommended dose would also help. This combination was a lifesaver! It turns out that Pepcid is a histamine blocker, something I didn't know till I checked on the Internet. While the rash is still not gone; it's been a week, once I began taking the Pepcid twice a day along with the Benadryl, my facial swelling went down and I was considerably less itchy. I called my doctor on Monday and he said he'd call in a prescription for steroids, but then either didn't do it or the pharmacy messed up because they said they didn't have anything for me. By that time, I was really annoyed and just gave up because I figure this darn rash will go away eventually! My advice is that if you get a rash, call your doctor and insist on getting steroids right then even if you aren't itchy yet--especially if you get your rash right before the weekend!!!
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