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Old 05-12-2008, 06:43 PM
Jane Doe
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Default Generic Yasmin in April 2008

There are over 40 different kinds of birth control pills on the market. With that many choices, there are bound to be some that work better for certain individuals than others. As everyone knows, what is a dream for one individual may be a disaster for another.<br> I have been on Yasmin for two years, and it is the only birth control pill I have ever been on. I am in my mid-twenties, I do not smoke, and I drink alcohol in moderation socially. I have not noticed any side effects from the pill at all throughout this time. In fact, it's as though I'm not even on it as far as I can tell. <br> My periods are shorter and lighter at five days instead of seven, although I still have occasional light cramps and bloating, and pre-period breast tenderness, which I have always had. I have not noticed any weight gain, water weight gain, moodiness, depression, loss of libido, acne, blood clots, muscle cramps, increased potassium, etc. etc.<br> For those that might be wondering if Yasmin can combat unwanted preexisting facial hair with unknown causes, I have not noticed a difference at all in the quantity or quality of mine.<br> My pharmacist told me that a GENERIC VERSION OF YASMIN is coming out next month (April 2008). I intend to try it as Yasmin is not covered at all by my health insurance, and I am tired of paying $56-64/pack or $155-$204/3 months, and Planned Parenthood does not stock Yasmin either, so there are no discounts available that I have found.<br> Best of luck for everyone to find the pill that works for them!
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