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Old 12-03-2005, 06:00 AM
Mark B.
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Default Liver Problems

I am a Type 2 diabetic my Dr. had originaly had me on Avandamet 2mg/1000. I did well on this drug except for slight cramps in my legs. I had to stop taking it when the Gov. stopped production. My Dr. then put me on Avandia 4mg & Metformin 1000mg. After a week I had started to have a reaction to the Avandia ( hurt all over ,short breath, etc. ) so he took me off the Avandia & just had me take 1/2 the Metformin once every 12hr,s. The problem with this was that it did not control my sugar well enough(130 to 200), so he tried avandia again at alower dose 2mg which I cut in 1/2 to make 1mg once a day with the Metformin 500mg twice a day. After 4 days I am constipated ,have no energy ,& feel tired all time ,also I feel alittle dizzy at times & my kidneys hurt some. I can also feel my liver aching alittle so I stopped taking the Avandia & was wondering if I might need to stop taking the Metformin for awhile since it effects the liver. I am very glade that my inter voice urged me to cut the Avandia pills in 1/2 ,because I would be in much worse shape if I had not. I am wondering if there is a different Med. substute for the Avandia . And will my liver get better fairly quick?
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