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Old 08-28-2010, 06:20 AM
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Lightbulb SERIOUS side effects

I have been taking Singulair for roughly 6 years. Yes, it helps with my asthma, but at a price. I've been suffering with peripheral neuropathy for a year. I didn't know what was causing it. I had many tests done but nothing seemed to be the culprit. One day I had the idea of looking up the side effects of Singulair online and realized that I had developed almost all of them within the last year: weight gain, rashes and other skin problems, sinus pain, neuropathy, mood swings, anxiety, and depression. I'm worried I've developed Churg's-Strauss syndrome but I need to visit my doctor before confirming it (the doctor that didn't even suspect this could possibly be the source of my problems). My point is: be careful! The longterm effects of this drug can be devastating! Allergies can develop further down the line. It's awful that we (asthma sufferers) have to make these decisions: breath more comfortably with the risk of suffering other horrible side effects, or suffer with asthma.
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Old 11-23-2011, 04:06 PM
Cesar Vallenilla Cesar Vallenilla is offline
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Default SERIUS side effects

I went with my 4 years old daughter to a pediatric allergist due to her pediatric found problems in a blood test. The allergist prescribed Singulair 4mg, Allegra and Nasonex spray. About 4 weeks later started an Allergy in her body and their pediatric said it was an Urticaria (hives) due to the food, after several test she was hospitalized for a week a received a lot of steroids and a the diagnostic of allergy to the wheat flour, eggs and cow milk with a very restrictive diet. The recipe to our home was continuing Singulair, Allegra and Zyrtec. The urticaria come back again, her lips get very red, mild fever, sweating, heat in your body and the urticaria changed to a big problem, the leukocytes count down for about two weeks. To resume this "medical enigma", and after several weeks almost desperate thinking in everything as possible cause, my wife and i stopped the Singulair and Zyrtec (the urticaria started before of Zyrtech) and in this moment we have two weeks without urticaria and all symptoms are disappearing.
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