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Old 10-18-2003, 05:00 AM
Samuel Brit Allen
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Default Changed my life

Since the age of five I have been in and out of one therapists office into anothers at the request of my parents and by myself later in life. I was an poor to sometimes average student throughout my twelve years in public education. Upon graduating high school I did not venture directly into college. However, when I did start my higher education the same patterns of not passing and failing returned quickly. I have worked for pharmacies for over 6 years now and last October (2003) I heard about the new non-controlled ADD drug, STRATTERA. Not long after the drug become commercially available I asked that my family physician to let me try the medication. Well within the last 5 months of being treated with Strattera I have pulled a GPA if 1.5 to a near 3.5 average. The change in my attitude, restlessness, study ability, and focus have been noticable to people of whom I have only met once before. I did not want to try or was ever diagnosed for ADD and the stimulant drugs that were previously available. When this drug came out I thought that it wouldnt hurt to try it. So at 22 years of age an almost sophmore in college the changes in my life now give me hope for the future.
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