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Old 09-06-2007, 08:08 PM
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Default Life on Yasmin

Previously before finding this website I thought I was alone. I started the birth control patch after my daughter was born in July of 2004. When my prescription for Ortho Evra ran out, I immediately went to my OB/GYN to get it back. I loved the patch. Sadly though I was told I could no longer take it because they could not guarantee it would work on women over a certain weight. I thanked my doctor for looking out for my feelings on being pregnant again right away. I agreed to take Yasmin. Little did I know I was agreeing to let a little pill take over my life. <br><br>I have been taking yasmin since September. I was eager to try Yasmin when my period started. IT worked wonderfully when I started. Then October came and I started a second pack. FOr my second set of reminder pills, I cramped very badly, had nasty headaches, was very tired all the time. I felt very down, and could care less if the word sex existed. My breasts were sore and I hated it. Then my period was over. Two weeks later I had another period and felt the same way... only this was while taking the yellow pills, not the reminder ones!!<br><br>I thought it was my body adjusting. Then November rolled around and low and behold... no period. I thought possibly it had failed adn the second light period was because I was pregnant. Took a test it was negative. I felt awful and still had same symptoms. Here it is December and I think my periods have stopped all together. I think Yasmin is to blame for my lack of having a period. I would rather take my chances using the patch not knowing if it is effective on women over 190lbs.... while trying to lose the 10lbs to make sure i fall into the weight limit.. and getting pregnant, than to keep using Yasmin adn letting the little yellow pill from hell control my life!<br><br>p/s Has anyone else had their periods stop all together from using Yasmin?
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