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Default Thyrogen

This will be my third time taking Thyrogen, The last time I took these injections I found out I was pregnant(then age 34)after the first one was given. So far no signs of harm to my 3 year old, thank God. Why do they do the pregnancy test after instead of before the first injection? I just went again yesterday and today for my Thyrogen injections, I became very tired, weak, nauseas, after my first one. I asked the nurse today any side effects? She said "nope you should have eaten first". Today I have full blown diarrhea, nausea, weakness after the second one. And I know this may sound dumb, but if recurring cancer may not be detected with the use of Thyrogen, how will you know? Blood count? Or do you just suffer with it until the next scan, and hope it is accurate?I was also told by my Endo. several times there were no side affects. I go take my radiation tomorrow, which usually makes me slightly nauseas, hope I make it for the scan stomach-wise, and to the take the radiation tomorrow as well. And by the way, I will not be getting pregnant again to take any chances on the Thyrogen, or with the risks. I was also made to feel like a dredge of society for accidentally becoming pregnant by my Endo. I was lucky to have 4 children with hypothyroid, and then carcinoma anyhow. I feel fortunate<br>
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