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Old 12-03-2005, 06:00 AM
B Thompson
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Default xeloda & colon cancer

My brother was diagnosed last August with stage IV colon cancer with liver met's. He is 34yr's old and previously to his diagnosis he was in excellent physical shape which I think has helped him tremendously through what his oncologist says has been one of the hardest roads he has seen for a patient. <br><br>He too as the woman whose comments written before me has bile duct issues. There is tumors pushing on the duct and they were unable to get a stent placed so currently he has an external biliary bag.<br><br>He has been on a chemo regimine of two weeks on xeloda and two weeks off with once a week chemo via port. Just last week we were told his CEA levels are starting to drop. Oncologist said that was encouraging and that my brother has put on some weight. His days used to be all bad to horrible and now he is about 50 to 60% of the time feeling pretty well but the remainder 40-50% of the time is still pretty bad. <br><br>The worst is when he is on the xeloda for some reason he ends up in the hospital almost every time. He gets extreme stomach paid & pressure on the kidneys from the distention of his abdomin. When at the ER they take x-rays & usually find he is backed up with stool. They perscribe go-liteley and administer major paid med's while he endures high level pain. Other times he gets an illeus which is where his bowels start to go to sleep & they have to place an NG tube till they wake up again. Either way the pain he gets from either situation is 10+. <br><br>We would love to know what we could do to avoid this happening every single round of xeloda. If anyone out there has had similar experience due to xeloda and have any suggestions or know something that worked for them we of course are open to any input or suggestions.<br><br>If you have questions or comments e-mail me<br>Just put Xeloda for the Subject then I will know that the message is not junk mail.
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