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Old 06-25-2008, 09:09 PM
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Exclamation Yasmin Very DANGEROUS BE CAREFUL

Hello: I am so sorry that all of us are suffering since taking this pill. My experience with Yasmin was brutal and 3 years later I am told that I have developed b12 deficiency or a very serious, but treatable condition called pernicious anemia. I never had it before then pill. I took Yasmin for only 5 months and felt sick the whole time. Headaches, strange moods, even a popping sound in my head some times, bizarre symptoms. I called my OBGYN and told her I was stopping. She said the pill did not cause this, but if I felt it was related to stop. AND IT WAS! She now admits to feeling bad for this. She did not mean it. Doctors only know what they read from the literature of a drug. I stopped taking it and was in the hospital within three days. I was in shock. Night sweats, tingling skin, no energy, stomach problems of every kind. Severe pain in my left ovary, suicidal depression and on and on. The worst part is that I began to get sicker and sicker. 3 years later of still being sick. The only thing that has helped my system is acupuncture and a serious diet change to aid my system, I find out that I have a serious b12 deficiency, which I never had. They call it an autoimmune disease which impedes you from processing b12 and all this starts in the tummy! I lost a baby during this time while pregnant, now we know it was this! The Yasmin pill has been pulled off the social medicine of some European countries due to such severe side effects. Their is a girl on this blog getting names together to start a class action suit. I am in. No one can get me my three years of suffering back, or my lost baby or my lost work. I am a professional flamenco dancer and let me tell you it is not easy to perform with a serious b12 deficiency which affects nerve endings, heart tissue and neurology! And the cure for this is b12 injections for life! If you want me to forward your name to the girl with the attorney you can write me Well I am going to keep trying to be well. I am young and have a whole life ahead of me.
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Old 10-03-2008, 06:53 PM
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Unhappy yasmin

Hi, I Am So Glad To Have Found This Website. Thought I Was Losing My Mind!!! I Too Was On Yasmine For Two Years. I Suffered From Severe Depression, Heavy Bleeding/cramping, Migraines, Heart Palpitations, Fatigue, Etc. I Can Not Began To Explain My Crucial Pain From This Deadly Toxic Drug! I Was So Tired All The Time And Would Sleep All Day While My 5 Year Old Was At School, Additionally, I Would Sleep All Weekend And Leave It Up To My Husband To Do Chores, Cooking, Etc. By The Way, Did I Say I Was A Stay Home Mom And Should Have Been Doing These Things!! My Poor Husband Has Suffered, If Not More Than I Did. First Thing First, This Pill Has Taken Two Years Of My Life!! I Have Lost Significant Time With My Daughter As Well As My Husband. My Mood Swings Have Severed Many Friendships, I Think I Am Down To Two Friends!! Well, Finally, I Went Off The Pill Two Weeks Ago. Back To Hell, Cramping, Uti, And Extreme Bloating. I Have Taken Every Blood Test Possible And Feel As If The Doctors Think That I Am Crazy! I Can Only Help To Salvage What Is Rest Of My Life. Please, Please, Let Me Know About The Class Action Law Suit. I Have Suffered Enough, And Can Only Hope To Get Better. However, I Feel Like Sick And Nauseated Today And Any Hope Is Getting Slim. I Have Sent My Husband To Get Uristat, Aspirin, Laxatives, Anything To Make This Pain Go Away. Thank God I Have A Supportive Husband Who Has Dealt With Me Through All This. Please Feel Free To Ask Any Questions, Because, Believe Me, I Understand Your Pain. I Could Go On And On..............but I Will End Here. Thanks For Reading And God Bless!
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b12 deficiency, caution, worst pill, yasmin hell

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