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Old 11-08-2007, 08:20 PM
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I Started taking lamictal 1 month ago, and I have since gone to the ER twice. What hapens with me is I loose my ability to go to bed and fall asleep normal. I lay in bed and try to cope with a bombbartment of racing thoughts. I have to get out of bed because as soon as I find my sweet spot on my bed I start hearing voices from under my bed espesially ones calling my name. Today is Saturday 10-14-07 so I cant see my doctor untill Monday, I am hoping we can find the right fix. I am currently talking<br>60mg geodom x2/day 600mg Lithium x2/day and lamictal 100mg x2/day.For Biplor When I started these med combinations and doses I did real good <br>for about 3 weeks then all hell broke loose, and the voices came, If <br>they have to come why dont they come in the day and let me sleep nights. My THX to this sight for letting me voice and cotribute. I wish every one <br>stabillity in the world of meds.<br>God is the ultimate medicine man. Give him a try. Peace Ed<br>
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Old 02-07-2008, 06:59 PM
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Hi Ed, I hope you have the meds worked out. I wanted to share my experience with you. I have a history of anti-depressants working and then they quit (bipolar II, ADD} depression is my issue, I kinda wish I could be manic a couple of days, my house is a mess! Oct of 2007 I was put on Lamictal following the most manic/depression episode I have ever experinced and I was suicidal which I had never had been in the past, and just before that I had what was suspected of at least 2 petit mal seizures, maybe from the meds I was taking. Once I started the Lamictal I worked up to 200mg a day, After the seizures I had to go cold turkey and the depression cost me my job. About 6 weeks ago the Lamictal started to fizzle out so I went to 300mg. It helped for about a week. She then also prescribed me 40mg of Geodone and I have taken 30mg of Adderal daily for quite awhile. The Geodone which has put me back to being manic depressive, insomnia, blurred vision, I cant eat and I cant concentrate. I know it is the Geodone. I have taken it less than a week and I will not take anymore. And this is so scrambled and I dont know how to write it the right way, I am so tired and I cant think.
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