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Old 09-19-2009, 10:11 AM
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Lightbulb google protonix false/positive or /plavix

I was given protonix had sore throat w/hoarsness and losing voice bcuz of erosion due to acid reflux/gerd. I wasnt having symptoms but was told by my ent it was happening in my sleep. 1 tablet wasnt enough so had to take 2 then was told that not enough now on 2 twice a day. I just failed urine drug screen at my pain clinic because of protonix. it causes a false positive for thc thats whats in pot. I dont smoke but got a nasty letter from them telling me they couldnt condone it being as it was illeagal and I have to quit or they can no longer give me my pain meds. I have have chronic pain due to several neck and back surgeries, fibromyalgia ect. and Im being threatend to have my meds taken away because of a med I have to take bcuz other meds for my reflux/gerd have failed me and Im told if I dont treat it continuously that I will end up with throat cancer it is so severe. I researched protonix and found that others are having the same symtoms as me, chest pains, shoulder blade pains, and anxiety and severe tiredness. Well I found that it depletes your Iron, folate, calcium, vitamins/minerals , magnesium and B12 If this is true no wonder I feel so rotten as well as many of you out there who are complaining of being so tired also. Im going to have my family dr do some blood work to check these things out. I would suggest yall doing the same. I dont know what to do as far as the protonix goes there is only one med stronger and my insurance does not cover it. If the 2 pills twice a day has not improved my condition I dont know what to do. Im disabled on a fixed income and cant afford the medication that is supposed to be stronger than protonix. If its stronger what are the side effects? Im scared to even try it with the problems im having with the protonix. my mother just had to have a 4 way bypass after a heartattack 4 months ago bcuz her 90%blockage and her 4 other blockages were 100%, 70% from 30% because it canceled out her plavix. she was on aciphex and nexium . any proton inhibitor keeps your plavix from working because it cancels it out and its just like you are not taking it. so here she made diet changes took her meds faithfully and bcuz of a proton inhibtor in 4 months she was 100% blocked she wants everyone to know. the drs dont know and the ones who do are being told by the pharmaceutical companies its only the protonix you can not take. its all proton inhibitors when you google it. just want to get the info out there so noone else has to suffer like she has the last 6months.
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