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Old 09-07-2003, 05:00 AM
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Default Mobic

I have had 2 tabs of Mobic 2 days apart(The Docs suggestion as i have extreme sensitivity to drugs), and particularly after the second dose i was very tight in chest and wheezy then later in day felt most pecular and extremely dizzy,and severe tinnitus, so my Father suggested i look up on the enternet for info of side effects as i was given a sample by my Doc to try without any info. He knows i am a long term asthmatic and have had life threatening attacks in the past, I told him i have had very bad reactions to ibrufen and other nsaids and especially aspirin and related drug family in the past, both with asthma and stomach problems. These have been compounded by a non malignant brain tumour op which left me paralysed on the left side for quite some mths, 15yrs ago, this is the side where the worst of the side effects were centred.The frustrating part is that it did help my severe athritis pain which was very debilitating. But as i had such a weird reaction which got worse with this second tablet, plus the effects on my asthma. I am going to stop taking it and consult my Doc. Has anyone else had extreme dizziness with this drug?
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Old 12-02-2005, 06:00 AM
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Default No Subject

I am very sensitive to certain drugs,especially nsaids.I tried vioxx and got relief for a few weeks and then it made me lightheaded until I stopped and got back to normal a few days later.Bextra helped my pain and inflammation with no side effects.Celebrex had no side effects but gave no relief either.I am about to try mobic in a search for the best results of the newer cox 2 nsaids.If it makes me lightheaded I will probably go with bextra.
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