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Old 01-22-2008, 03:54 AM
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Default Terrible time on Yasmin

I am so upset with the effects of Yasmin. My Gynecologist prescribed it for no real reason, I think because he had heard through the Medical community it is so good, however if you are a person actually on the drug you will likely experience something completely different. From now on I will be wary of all Medical claims because I've tried Yasmin. <br><br>I have been on the pill for two months, at first I didn't realize a whole lot had changed, but then it started to make so much sense that it was the pill. First I became irritable, depressed, really depressed, every day was so hard and that was completely strange for me. Then came the aweful painful acne on my face. I was so upset because I was told it would make skin appear better. I didn't even have acne to begin with. Especially since there was no warning at all that this might happen. It has completely screwed with me mentally, and then physically which did a number on my confidence level. Now that I've read all of the other comments posted here I know Yasmin is not a good pill. I was on Alesse before and had no problems. Be careful if you try Yasmin, make sure you don't have any important life events ahead of you because you might be stuck with major breakout after major breakout and you will not feel confident going out. I would not recommend this pill to anybody. <br><br>I thought I should stay with it to see what would happen, but after hearing how it doesn't improve even after a few months, I certainly don't want to give up that much time. I hope this helps...<br><br>
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Old 10-26-2009, 06:15 PM
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Default You just happened to have...

I understand you had bad side effects to Yasmin. However, that is just you. Not everyone has those same reactions. I happened to have those side effects on a different pill, then went on Yasmin and POOF, everything was great. Helped my mood, my skin, lost some weight. I understand you had a bad reaction, but I just want to let other people know (reading your post) that not everyone has these reactions with Yasmin. I have heard more good than bad. I am glad you found a pill that works for you.
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