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Old 03-21-2011, 11:06 AM
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Default Watch your loved one carefully

Please watch your loved ones and yourself when you are taking new medications. The bizarre hallucinations caused by avelox or avelox with
a combination of other prescription drugs was unwarranted and frightening. My mother was hospitalized and received IV avelox in the ER and subsequently received daily doses of this powerful antibiotic for pneumonia. She experienced hand tremors, extreme dry mouth, severe anxiety and finally bizarre and intense hallucinations. The hallucinations have lasted for 2 days so far. Thankfully my father is a pharmacist and I am an advocate for any family member who is hospitalized or under medical care. We took her off the avelox, spoke to her physician and the hospital pharmacist and will contact the company directly to convey our case to them. This is an unacceptable side effect.
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Old 03-31-2011, 04:53 PM
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terrified, panic attack, heart attack -dying acid flash back- heroin withdrawal?? These are some of the things I though may be happening to me not ten minutes after taking the Avelox this morning. I threw up after taking my first dose last nite but thought it was all from the spider bite I was given it for. This huge horrible bite over my eye seems like nothing now compared to these side effects. How can they give this out? I was a heroin addict and I swear to god it feels like withdrawal while hallucinating. I called my DR. to have him change it just now. This was by far the worse experience Ive had on any medicine. I felt like I was poisoned. DON'T TAKE THIS MEDICINE! (oh an I live by myself and being by yourself on this **** is terrifying, so make sure someone is with you if you must take it) Its criminal that this is allowed and 178 dollars for seven, yes seven pills I wont take..Bayer should be ashamed
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