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Old 05-09-2008, 01:31 PM
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I have been telling my doctor for years that I have ADHD, yet he insisted that I probably have Bipolar Disorder. i exhibit only one symptom of Bipolar but all and then some of ADHD. He recently prescribed me Seroquel. i took them for a few days, felt like I was on LSD or some other hallucinatory drug, felt absolutely terrible, nauseated, dizzy and almost fell down the stairs when my knees gave out as if someone had knocked my legs right out from under me. I have a severe case of anxiety going on but it is the effect of domestic abuse that I just escaped from, so no wonder I am worn out. Seroquel is terrible, and I have tried for two weeks now to get my meds changed to something for ADHD, my docotr refuses, insists that Seroquel is safe to take. I am a natural health person and a homeopathic pharmacist. I have gotten better results with Vitamin B- Complex ( 6 per day divided am and pm) and 4000 mg of fishoil, also Inositol coupled with Choline and ester C. <br>I refuse to be turned into a Zombie by this drug which is for people with schizophrenia.....if I keep taking this crap ..yes.. i will probaly go schizophrenic. No, thanks guys, I rather not take anything pharmaceutical and try to go the herbal route. The pharmaceutical companies are agents of hell and are just trying to make billion sof dollars by kkepping us sick instead oferadicating the root cause of all diseases which are biochemical changes in the boy, unaffected by pharmaceutical drugs. i am not trying to advertise for natural supplemants but have taken them for many years and have had much ebtter results in the long run than taking this Doktor frankenstein crap.<br>i am refusing to take any more Seroquel and will tell my docotr that he can take it himself.....LOL.<br>Claudia in Atlanta
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Old 04-14-2009, 04:32 AM
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Default i was thinking about

taking fish oil. where did u get it? i was looking somewhere & it was VERY expensive & i would need prob 2 bottles a month with how much omega-3 (dha & ldl i think)!!! what other natural thing could i do? im currently on 20 mgs ofGeodon. it helps some things but not others. i hav deppression, high anxiety, OCD, tourette's syndrome, & posably a borderline personality disorder.
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