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Old 06-02-2005, 05:00 AM
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Default Liver Damage

I have been using Bextra for two years now without any side effects. I have been using it to treat my lower back pain from a fall from a patient when I was a nurse. The Bextra allows me to get around pain free, and as soon as I discontinue it I am flat on my back in pain. I wouldnt be able to live a normal life without it.<br> So far, I have not had any side effects listed. I am also allergic to Sulfa drugs and have not had any of the side effects of allergic reaction as the people above have had. <br> This drug was a better choice for me than taking ibuprofen because the Cox2 Inhibitors are suspected to help prevent stomach ulcers where as ibuprofen taken for a long time and for high dosages caused me to have stomach pain and nausea. <br> I am very concerned about the risks of taking this drug over a period of time. I have had my blood checked and stool samples to check for any bleeding. But the long term risks of liver damage is still unknown and I was wondering if anyone has had any elevated liver enzymes after taking this drug. Thanks so much, ANN
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