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Old 09-13-2007, 04:14 PM
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Default alcohol with provigil

I was diagnosed with hypersomnulence (which I think is considered EDS) not too long ago, and was put on Provigil. It has been AMAZING. I am a college student, and last semester I really struggled because I was falling asleep in every class, and having to sleep a lot, which as a busy student, didn't have time to do so. I was also falling asleep while driving, which was very scary. This semester I have been taking Provgil and it is amazing- I stay awake in all of my classes, I can make it through the day without napping all the time, and I can drive safely. My question however, is it's combination with alcohol. I know it says to avoid alcohol, but I go to a fairly large party school, am in a sorority, and frankly, don't really want to stop drinking. I know that it lowers my tolerance- I am actually on Zoloft, which also lowered my tolerance, but with Provigil I have an even lower tolerance. I'm a very responsible drinker, I never drink more than I need to to get drunk, and I stop after that. I know it's effects on tolerance, and I've read that its other effects are unkown, so do you think I need to all together avoid alcohol?
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