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Old 09-06-2007, 08:09 PM
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Default medication costs, depression and skin rash

I have been on 400 mg zonegran daily for just over a year now and <br>cannot get my script renewed again right now because my insurance is cancelled and my income prohibits me from affording the medication to the tune of over $104.00. What's a person to do when they tell you to stop taking the medication will cause you problems yet you cannot afford it. I had a brain tumor removed from my right temporal lobe that was causing my focal seizures and the zonegran seemed to help stop the seizures. And on top of that my arms are covered with a rash that looks similar to impetigo that I have found out is caused by the zonegran but looks worse now because it is itchy and I scratch, my doctor sent me to a dermatologist only to give me some cream which could cause skin cancer so I find out after I did my own research about the cream. I don't even think he knows that the zonegran can cause such rashes or hadn't read about them as being a side effect. It has also mae me very irritable at times with my kids and I am not normally a very irritable person or very stubborn either, but I have become one such person. Depression has hit me with such a blow now since the tumor has taken over my life and cause a ripple effect on how I now live life, I have lost my home of over 20 years because I cannot work.
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