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Old 08-16-2013, 04:44 PM
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Default Singulair and Side Effects

You are not imagining things if you believe your meds are causing serious side effects.

I was diagnosed with COPD in October of 2007. Singulair was the meds of choice for my doctor and I began taking it while hospitalized. I was never a 'thin' person, but my weight was easily under 120 most of the time. I did not stop working out, and was serious about limiting my calorie intake because I knew additional weight would make my breathing more difficult.

Since October of 2007 I have gained 60 pounds. I have dieted with every conceivable diet, stopped drinking soda, cut out sugar, flour, breads, potatoes. I workout sometimes 2x a day and yet the weight has increased, rather than decreased. Thyroid tests show have had all normal results.

My new doctor had me stop taking Singulair 2 weeks ago and I have just begun to see and feel the difference in my weight. Unfortunately, it did assist with breathing, but I am confident the weight loss will offset the meds. I am using Spiriva now, and am hopeful my breathing will continue to improve.

Never let a doctor tell you a medication 'absolutely cannot' cause a side effect. No one knows your body like you, and if a condition did not exist before you started taking a particular medication but exists can be pretty sure it is caused by the meds. yes, there are studies and tests, but none are foolproof. Trust your instincts!!
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