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Default Potential toxicity with increased dosages or in dosages given without dialy

From first use, I became nauseaus and bloated. I quit the medication, though resumed useage at my nephrologist insistance. The dosage was further increased to three 800mg tablets with each meal and two 800mg tablets with snacks. I am 42 years of age, 5'3" and 125 pounds. Was diagnosed with Alport disease in 2001, following a conclusive renal biopsy. For the past seven weeks I fought with the nauseau and full feeling, later adding vomiting and a low grade fever. Upon turning in my latest 24 hour urine, they drew blood and found my enzymes to be 1200 on the Lypase and 900+ on the Amylase. I was phoned at home and told to go immediately to the emergency room (with a suggested prognosis of "pancreatitis"). They stopped all meds and placed me upon IV fluids and was NPO for the first 24 hours, then allowed some sips of water and eventually a clear liquid diet as the levels began to lower. I asked if it were possible for the "Renagel" to have somehow accumulated in toxic levels or to have set off an infection. Because all nauseau and bloated sensations ceased within the first day of stopping the medication. I am not presently on dialysis and presumed that this might be a factor, since I have yet to see the drug listed without the words "in patients with end stage renal disease that are on dialysis". I have since checked medical web sites and found that Rolaids (Calcium Carbonate) will be sufficient to bind the Phosporus in my bowels (if several are taken with each meal). Renagel may work well for some people in moderate and monitored dosages, but my thoughts are that it could have killed me.
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