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Unregistered 08-21-2003 05:00 AM

Side effects
After having changed perscriptions from an ACE blood pressure medicine to 20mg Benicar, my blood pressure was reduced even further to a more normal 128/78 and held steady for weeks. Then, I noticed my back began hurting in kidney area, my skin felt like severe sunburn when touched by clothing, I had diziness and could not sleep for days. Dull headache persisted, and all of my joints ached.<br> I made the broad assumption that the cause was the Benicar, and backed off to 1/3rd tablet each morning (est. 6-7mg), and immediately, the side-effects disappeared. My blood pressure elevated slightly, but I can sleep again, and the joint pain and kidney area pain went away totally.<br>The "sunburned skin" sensation went away immediately as well.<br> I see my doctor next week.<br><br>

tina 09-27-2003 05:00 AM

I have been taking benicar for about a week and I notice I have some pain on the side of my neck. And I take a tylenol every night when I go to bed and it stop the pain and it only happens at night.

Unregistered 02-07-2008 07:00 PM

No Subject
I have also experience neck pain that runs down my neck and down my arm. Serveral times I have gone to the ER thinking I was going to have a stroke. I had extreme pain on my upper back in btween my shoulder blades. As I continued taking BP meds my symtoms only got worse. I was sent to a cardiologist but my heart is fine. After getting pain in my legs also I finally decided to look up the side effects of Benicar and I have stopped taking meds to see if this is the cause in my case and I could honestly say that today was a good day for me. I will stay off meds for two weeks and then go see my regular doctor to change my perscription

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