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Old 05-25-2005, 05:00 AM
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Default Memory loss

I have been taking Dilantin for several years for very mild<br>sizures, and my memory is not as gfood as it was. My doctor said that is caused as a side effect of the Dilantin and he prescribed Exelon, I am 56 years old and need to be very sharp because of the line of wqeok I am in.<br>Please advice if you can recommend something better than Exelon and I can ask my doctor. What has me concern are the testimonies that I just read on youe web site.<br><br>I will appreciate a prompt response and thank you in advance,<br><br>Mrs. A. J. Lange
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Old 12-03-2005, 06:00 AM
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Default Exelon

The nausea, weight loss, and stomach problems are front and center with this drug. <br> <br>My father is on Aricept for his mild dementia at age 87 (I think he's been nuts his entire life, but no one addressed the problem until he became elderly). It helps, but it has side effects too. A runny nose with sinus inflamation developed with both my parents on the drug. <br> <br>His doctor wanted to switch the Aricept with Exelon. My father was also on Namenda to augment the Aricept. <br> <br>My father is very thin, part of the problem may have come from the Namenda. <br> <br>I refused the Exelon trials, and I am taking him off the Namenda. It makes him sleep too much. <br> <br>Good luck. We have had luck with Aricept. <br> <br>Martha
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